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Category: Shooting

In this game, you will play a secret agent to hunt some special animals. Try your best to shoot all of them!
Shoot all the enemies down to show that you are the king of sniper. It's getting more difficult as level becomes higher! Come on!
Start to catch flies and protect shits! Mouse to shoot; Number key 1-7 to switch cannon.
Our hometown was invaded by a crowd of zombies, Let's help our justicial cat detective eliminate all of them to protect our people!
Use your magic powers to smash orange pumpkins before they hit the ground. Destroy black pumpkins or zombies to get more points and experience. Improve your wand and master the lea [...]
December 21, 2012. Doomsday! You are our last hope, a nun with a gun. Shoot down all creeps in this side-scrolling apocalyptic shooter.rn
Click all the flying things but bananas, or the wild monkey will show up to make troubles. Have fun!
Your aim is to shoot all the invaders and escape from them at the same time.
As robbers arise with economic crisis, the wild clan receives an order to wipe them out. But unexpectedly, information leaked and all team members fall into dire straits. So as the [...]
Shooting the flying bird using gun.
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