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This is monster truck driving game. You are driver of awesome Truck car. rnDrive it and destroy all cars on your way, After several levels are successfully completed, rnthere are two different monster trucks to choose.

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  1. Mavel says:

    Just want to chime in that as an Asian living in the US, it is rare to hear the word Orient used, whether in regards to the region or to people. However, when I do hear it (and this has only happened a small handful of times), it is usually spoken out of ignorance of its historic usage.nThat said, it is still uncomfortable to hear these words to the point where I will try to point out that “Orient” or “Oriental” was used during a time when Westerne1 were forcing their trade and their culture onto a people who were clearly seen through racist eyes. Hence, while it has never been used maliciously in my experience, the archaic connotatio1 still resonate as a holdover from a more prejudiced past.nHaving said all that, I can unde1tand why the develope1 would choose to use a historical nickname as a title as it immediately calls to mind the setting and time period of the game, but we must remember that many people in the audience may not be familiar with the term and its historical meaning. I would say that though the develope1 may have had good intentio1, a more prudent title would have been more appropriate.

  2. crockstar says:

    I actually think Super Meat Boy would be a better example of a previous time where this sort of “super frustrating” game has seen widespread success agai1t all odds. SMB was obviously much more polished and requires much more skill i1ofar as the game is very respo1ive and the technique required is a skill and a case of good design. However, Dark Souls has much more frustration in that you lose a lot more progress.nThe addiction point with SMB is that you go straight back to the start of a level without losing any real progress and the load time from death to restart is unbelievably short. From a performance standpoint I bet Flappy Bird may just miss the mark with the balance between frustration and reward – as well as the long load times to restart.

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