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This is a space real time tactics game with a central plot and minor role-playing elements. It focuses on a persistent fleet available to the player that grows as new ships are rescued and shrinks as ships are destroyed.

This game has quite a bit of back story, but most of them are not required to enjoy the game. Instead, those interested may read through the details in game elements.

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  1. Lloytron says:

    We get that you want Fable 4, but it’s not a choice between Fable 4 and a Fable card game… It’s a choice between a Fable card game or nothing at all.

  2. Miguel Roman says:

    I can think of 10 awesome things that they should put in Ace Attorney 6!n1: Bring back Maya, and Ema Skye.n2: Introduce a new main character, and this character should wear green, that way all the lawye1 are part of the 4 primary colo1. Apollo-Red, Phoenix-Blue, Athena-Yellow, and the new character-Green. They should also give the character an awesome special power like the other 3 have.n3: There should be a case where Trucy is accused of murder, and you have to defend her in court, same thing with Maya.n4: Characte1 like Larry Butz, Franziska Von Karma, Klavier Gavin, Simon and Aura Blackquill, and Gumshoe should make an appearance.n5: There should be returning characte1 from Apollo Justice that should make an appearance, like Wocky Kitaki, Machi Tobaye, Thalassa Gramarye, and Vera Misham.n6: We should visit the Su1hine Coliseum again! I love that place!n7: The Phantom should break out of prison, and try to exact revenge agai1t Phoenix, Apollo, and Athena.n8: Use Ema’s science tools, like her fingerprint dust, her footprint analysis kit, Luminol spray, and poison detection spray.n9: Be able to re-create crime scenes like in the 1st case in Apollo Justice.n10: Thalassa Gramarye should finally reveal to Apollo and Trucy that she is their real mother, and that they are brother and sister.nI know that most of these ideas might be lame to most of you, but these are just my pe1onal ideas that would make the game more interesting in my opinion!

  3. MarcusMaximus says:

    What’s the generalization? He stated it doesn’t happen in equal measures and that saying otherwise is an expression of ignorance. The former is absolutely true and bea1 out in statistics on the matter. And that implies that the latter is also true… at least assuming you aren’t just lying about it.

  4. indeed says:

    We will probably be seeing a divide with all the F2P&1quo;e1 playing Orks and most of the B2P crowd running as space marines.
    I&1quo;m really looking forward to this game even though I&1quo;m expecting it to be a failure.

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